January 2012 Archives

BGP still flaky

Dear users,

the problem with the BGP peering from our ISP still exists, they are working on improving the situation. Optimization will likely take a few days. We are working with them to get a better long term solution up and running.

We are really sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused to you. If you want to help us improving the network speed, feel free to visit us in our IRC support channel.

The IPredator team

BGP peering problem

Dear users,

currently we are experiencing problems with our upstream provider, who obviously did BGP peering changes without noticing us before. It took us a while to pinpoint the problem since not all of you are affected by that change. This leads to slower and unreliable service. We are working on this issue.

Stay tuned.

The IPredator Staff

Maintenance finished


the new hardware is installed in our rack and we have started to connect servers to our shiny new uplink. Part of the upgrade were a number of new machines that we will add to the VPN pool over the next couple of days. As far as we can say you should not have noticed any downtime at all.

If you experience any unexpected problems write us an email or visit us in the support IRC channel.

The IPredator staff

Starting maintenance ...

Hello *,

we are starting with the announced maintenance now. There should be a brief period where the website and login to the VPN will not work. We try to minimize that downtime as much as we can. Please note that we already removed a number of machines from the load balancer so it could get a bit crowded on the remaining machines.

The IPredator staff

Maintenance announcement

Dear users,

we are going to install new machines next week and increase our uplink capacity by adding another 10 Gigabit. In order to do that we need to temporarily disable a couple of machines in the load balancer so it could get a bit more crowded on the remaining machines. Once the upgrade is done there will be more machines and a better network redundancy.

We will notify you here and via twitter (ipredatorVPN) once we start with the upgrade. Thank you.

The IPredator staff

Still alive and kicking ...


no we are not dead. Quite the opposite actually. We have been working on improving the service behind the scenes for some time now.

We had some DDOS problems in the last couple of days so we took the opportunity to roll out some of the changes we have been working on. If you experience any problems with the website or service please write us an email or visit us in our IRC support channel.

We are still working on updating the various guides and overhauling the remaining website content and such. The OpenVPN beta was stopped. It made no sense to use user/pass authentication with OpenVPN. This kind of setup nullified a number of protections OpenVPN has to offer, so we are working on a proper solution now that allows you to use certificates. This will still take some time since we replace the existing website engine as well. So some friction is to be expected ...

We will publish updates and other interesting stuff here from now on.

The IPredator staff