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Website content refresh


we have updated the website content. Yay! There are new guides with screenshots and the FAQ as well as the rest of the content got a facelift. There is more content in the queue that we will add over the next couple of weeks. Most of the changes we did however are not visible to you since they happened below the surface and deal with availability and transition to the new system.

The next steps on our TODO are to start with adding more translations and replacing the old website engine parts that are stand alone components like the signup form, password reset, registration. Once that is finished the remaining parts will be replaced with a new payment engine, user management, etc.

We give our best to make transition between the old system and the new one as smooth as possible. Since you use our service 24/7 we will try to make as many small steps as fast as possible, but there will be unforeseen problems. If you have a problem, check the blog first if there was a major change. If the problem persists write us an email or complain to us directly in the online support channel.

If there is a feature you would like to see in the next version of the User Interface send us an email to feedback@ipredator.se.

The IPredator team

Recent and upcoming changes

Dear users,

as mentioned earlier today we added 16 new machines to our VPN pool. You now have 39 machines available to access the internet. We implemented a workaround in our load balancer for the DNS issue that was caused by the addition of the new machines. We advertise 23 machines at any given time now and rotate the remaining machines every 5 minutes via DNS (we have been doing that for some months now to deal with broken, overloaded or otherwise unfit machines). This way we can use all available machines without causing you any problems. It will take another day or two until the users on all of our systems have been redistributed evenly. We hope that this first upgrade will give you better throughput than what you experienced in the last few weeks.

We are still working on the BGP issue. Unfortunately getting new contracts takes some time... but we are positive that we will be able to distribute your traffic more evenly within 2-3 weeks.

A few words why it took us so long to implement the latest capacity extension. We took the time to completely overhaul our VPN server infrastructure. The machines are now booting from USB sticks straight into a RAM disk... no more hard drives, no local swap space, and of course no logs.

There are more changes coming. We have a second capacity upgrade in the queue that will happen in the next week or so. The main focus of our efforts is now to overhaul the website. We will start with some non-invasive content refresh, but at some point we need to switch to the new website engine. We will keep you posted when that time comes. Major parts of the website changes are adding more configuration and payment options. Yes, OpenVPN will come back and you will be able to pay with BitCoin in the future.

Another thing we noticed is that lots of our users have problems with their routers (lacking PPTP passthrough esp. with 4G routers). So we ask you to provide us with details. Send us an email to feedback@ipredator.se if you have a router that works - do the same for not working routers as well. We will create a compatibility list based on your feedback to help other users making an informed decision about using IPredator.

If you have feedback for us feel free to drop into our IRC channel and have a chat with us.

The IPredator team

Connection problems caused by DNS

Dear users,

we installed a capacity upgrade yesterday (16 new machines) and activated all the servers. This caused our DNS record for vpn.ipredator.se to become so big that the DNS resolvers on your machines switch to TCP since the data does not fit into a single UDP packet anymore. The catch here is that a LOT of home routers have no support for DNS queries via TCP. This means that you will not get a reply for the DNS server you got via DHCP or if you have blocked DNS queries via TCP in your firewall. We are disabling some of the machines again to work around that problem for now and will split the machines across records in the future. Once we are finished with that we will post an update here.

The IPredator team