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Why IP filters suck

Dear users,

usually when we deal with problems its because something is not setup properly and alike. But today we noticed something interesting. Users that had peerguardian or similar software installed were unable to connect to the VPN. So we investigated this problem.

Our first stop is peerblock.com. We search for IP block lists and notice this FAQ entry at some point. It informs us that peerblock.com does not maintain the blocking lists but iblocklist.com does. Okay… lets check iblocklist.com then.

Hmm, looking at their list we can see that they are fetching this information from a 3rd party as well. But as any good filter provider they should proof their lists right? Wrong:


Well at least we are able to look at the filter list based on the data we get from iblocklist.com which yields:

$ cat bt_level1 | grep -i ipredator
Ipredator VPN/Relakks VPN | ap2p:
IPredator VPN | ap2p:
Detected kad activity on IPredator VPN:
Detected AP2P on Ipredator VPN:
IPredator VPN | ap2p:
IPredator VPN | ap2p:

So we decided to talk to the guys at bluetack.co.uk, who are responsible for this list. After all it does not make any sense that we are flagged as anti P2P. Easier said than done because there is no contact information whatsoever on the bluetack.co.uk website. They have a forum which requires registration… mhm, we are not gonna do that. So we decided to send them an email to their RFC2142 addresses asking for clarification.

If we get a reply we will update you. Other than that there is not much we can do at this point. You can just white list the networks from our ISP which are -, - and - to circumvent the block. Other options are to stop using those black lists or register on their forum and nag them about the issue.

This is a perfect example of why IP filter lists suck. They come from somewhere. Nobody is responsible. And they contain false information. We are not sure why our complete network is blocked. Maybe iblocklist.com decided to have a private word with bluetack.co.uk to put us on the list – after all they provide a VPN service now as well… who knows.

The IPredator team

A tale of two privacy vendors

Dear users,

Sid Ryan asked us to take part in an e-mail interview after the High Court hearing on the 21th of February 2012, which led to The Pirate Bay (TPB) being blocked from six major UK Internet Service Providers.

Lately, Sid published the article A tale of two privacy vendors on his blog and describes the blocking of TBP as the biggest web censorship case in UK history.

He details what the backgrounds for such censorship actions are and which means people have to access a truly unfiltered web. Read on to see which answers two VPN providers gave, one of them being us. (A tale of two privacy vendors).

The IPredator Team