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YouTube and Google geolocation issues

Dear users,

we received a number of emails asking if we silently moved to Germany, because YouTube and Google put you there (among other locations) when using the VPN. Nope we did not. It looks like YouTube and Google are a bit confused about where our servers are. There are a number of ways to force the language on both websites which are not really user friendly.

To force google.com search in English you can use http://google.com/ncr.

Since YouTube filters the Internet, erm I meant protects you from bad content using geolocation information there is no such workaround at the moment.

So we have to wait a bit until the Google machinery notices that the country in our IP range is indeed Sweden. Until then you can resort to using our proxy http://proxy.ipredator.se:8080.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but this error is not caused by something we can fix on our end.

The IPredator team

Please test the new website

Dear users,

our new website is now online at https://beta.ipredator.se. You cannot use it to pay for the VPN at the moment. We will unlock this once we have fixed any remaining issues with the new website that you might uncover. To test it just go to the URL and use your regular username and password to log in.

A few highlights of the new website:

  • Redesigned guides navigation to make it easier to follow the installation process.
  • The FAQ was restructured as well to ease navigation and make it easier to find stuff.
  • The login area has a dashboard now that displays all the relevant information at once.
  • We added a help wizard to improve the time we need to find and fix issues that you have with the service (you can give it a try by going to https://beta.ipredator.se/help.
  • Support for vouchers.

Once we replaced the old website there are a number of features we will unlock/add:

  • Email reminder when your account runs out
  • Static IP addresses
  • Certificate authentication for OpenVPN
  • IPv6 support
  • Custom routes
  • DynDNS support

To name a few examples.

We added a nice picture for the 404 error message and are looking for artists who want to help us making more pictures (also replacing the Uncle Sam since not everybody likes it). If you think you are up to the task feel free to contact us at feedback@ipredator.se.


The IPredator team

Recent changes

Whats going on?

Dear users,

some of you already noticed the recent changes. We are currently moving the service to a new IP space. The new IP addresses for VPN users come from

We also got a new set of DNS servers:

  • VPN primary:
  • VPN secondary:
  • Public primary:
  • Public secondary:

Most of our systems were already moved to their new home. Unfortunately we cannot move all systems without disruptions so in the middle of next week we will move some backend systems. The expected service downtime is not longer than 2 hours.

New websites

As you might have noticed the blog has a new design. A new website, which also contains up to date information about the infrastructure, will be online soon.

Speed issues

We got a number of reports lately that you got bad speed and latency when accessing our servers. Our ISP fixed a few things upstream to deal with that problem. The issue was that some changes on the Internet caused suboptimal routing over congested links. It took us a while to track down the affected ISPs and implement fixes. We hope that it works better now for you. If that is not the case please send us an email and we will try to improve the peerings based on your feedback. Its not an issue on the server side, we just added another 10 machines to the OpenVPN pool a short while ago.

The IPredator team