Update Visa vs. PaySon, SSL changes

Dear users,

a short update on the payment situation and SSL changes.

Payson and the evil twins

So Payson plays dead and does not return our inquiries. Thanks for violating your own ToS which states that information about policy changes will be announced 14 day prior to the change. Interestingly they claim that there was no change of policy. In that case it is just a bit strange that we received 2 mails on Friday the 28th informing us ... about a policy change. Thank you for not playing by your own rules.

As far as Visa and Mastercard are concerned they claim that they had nothing to do with it. So lots of fingers pointing but nobody is ready to admit anything. We received a handful of mails from other people that had been affected by a similar tactic. We had an alternative that was ready to go which informed us today that they got notice from Visa and Mastercard that we are on a "special" list for illegal activities. The management at that particular payment processor is a bit confused now because they also host other VPN services that obviously dont do illegal things. We will continue to investigate the issue and keep you in the loop. Fear not there are other options available, just takes a bit of time to put them into place.

SSL changes

We upgraded (most of) our websites to offer ECDHE ciphers as preferred choice (to take advantage of Perfect Forward Secrecy) and removed some cipher combinations that are not deemed suitable anymore. If you experience issues connecting please write us an email about it. The remaining services (eg. Jabber, TPB proxy) will be updated soon.

The IPredator team