Happy new year 2015, DOS issues, static IP support, merchandise

Dear users,

we wish all of you a happy new year 2015!

There were some login issues earlier today because somebody decided to DOS the authentication backends. We adjusted our countermeasures to keep out the bad requests. The issue is fixed now.

Static IP support

We are pleased to announce that you can now get a static IP config. Some of you have been asking for this feature for quite some time. If you decide you want to spend the extra money you get one fixed IPv4 address and one fixed IPv6 address. On request we can also route you a /56 IPv6 network (4700 billion IPs). Please contact the support via email or IRC if you would like get such a config. Because IPs are expensive and you are likely to use more traffic than the average user the current price is 14 Euro per month on top of your normal account. As usual we do not enforce any speeds or shape your traffic in any way.


Another question that has been asked quite frequently was 'When and where can we get merchandise'. Please check out the picture below. You can now order hoodies in grey and black and t-shirts in black. The price for a hoodie is 60 Euro and for a t-shirt 25 (without shipping). The base material is a bit more expensive because we selected hoodies with reinforced seams and the print on the shirts is some kind of fleece. You can get them from S to 5XL in US sizes which means that they are a bit bigger than the EU sizes. Unfortunately we cannot offer fair trade and ecologically produced clothing at the moment simply because nobody wanted to commit on the sizes we need. :/



If you are interested in getting a t-shirt or hoodie along with some stickers and other propaganda we have lying around please contact the support.

The website will be updated in the coming week with all the information about static IPs and merchandise.

Use more bandwidth!

The IPredator team