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Outage 21/05/2016 11:20

Dear users,

there was an issue with the OpenVPN authentication backend the last 1,5 hours. If you were logged in things were fine but if you tried to log in the system would deny it. The issue was buried in one of the databases where a duplicate table entry was made. Because there are no logs it took us a moment to figure out where exactly things went wrong. Once we removed the duplicate record the database was happy again and the error resolved.

The IPredator team

Privacy vs. politics

Dear users,

some nice people working for another VPN provider thought it might be a good idea to trick us into terminating an account for spreading right wing material. What the article does not mention is that we asked for verification which was provided in the form of screenshots (see below). It also fails to mention that while we terminated the account we did not disclose any data about the user (earlier versions of the article on claimed otherwise but were proven to be FUD). The article on as it is right now has already been changed heavily after people started to ask for facts to the claims made there. Maybe the author could be so nice and also publish a diff of all of the changes as well.

The answer to the verification request we lodged along with the screenshots you do not get to see on

Subject: Re: User Batman12121 is spreading rasism
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Hello again,

"unfortunately" I've deleted all the post he has made on my forum
because they were very racist. I do have screenshot from earlier when he
said some really racist things on my IRC.

I've attached these horrible words by him. I really want him gone. Why
are your service allowing this sort of behavior?





The ToS clearly states that we will not protect users spreading right wing material. The author of the aforementioned article states that in his personal opinion a VPN service should be neutral. We see this differently. If a user spreads right wing propaganda then he/she/it is on the wrong side of history. We are not going to tolerate that our work is used to further the agenda of people who think that:

  • just because your skin has a different color,
  • you have a different religion,
  • you have a different sexuality,
  • or a disability

that those people are lesser humans and have no place on this earth (killing blacks is mentioned above) or within our society. We are not going to look the other way just to earn some money to provide a platform for right wing people.

If other VPN providers employees need to stoop down to the new low of exploiting and tricking us with false accusations to improve their advertising ... so be it. Have fun spreading FUD while you are at it.


The IPredator team

Dear users,

due to a hardware defect we need to shut down some essential parts of the VPN infrastructure. The maintenance should last for about 1 hour until the defect has been repaired. We are sorry for the inconvenience and give our best to bring the systems back online as soon as possible.

UPDATE: The maintenance is over. The broken device has been replaced without causing any widespread service disruptions.


The IPredator team