March 2018 Archives

Netsplice release 0.26.0

Dear Netsplice users,

we have uploaded the latest release 0.26.0 to the project website.

This release adds an update mechanism for Netsplice. As part of the update process Netsplice automates checking the integrity of the update path and downloaded software packages. In the default configuration Netsplice will ask you before running the next update check. If you decide that now is not the right time you can defer the check and no network requests will be made. If you do not care when the check runs enable the fully automatic update check mode like most applications have. Netsplice will check for a new version after it starts.

To simplify the verification of the binaries we have streamlined the process within the update check. First the update process verifies the remote TLS fingerprint from the update server. When the TLS fingerprint matches, the latest binaries can be downloaded.


GUI changes

New icons were added to the main window tool bar. The icons can be used to manage accounts in the list:

  • Create or delete accounts
  • Connect or disconnect accounts or chains of them
  • Access account settings

The dialogue texts of all GUI windows have been reviewed. The wording was improved and various typos were squashed. Thanks to all the people who reported issues.



DNS launcher macOS / Linux

A couple of issues have been addressed that improve the use of DNS launcher rules on macOS and Network Manager based Linux distributions.

Documentation updates

Inline links to the hosted documentation have been fixed. The source code documentation was reviewed and improved.


OpenSSL in version 1.0.2n and OpenVPN version 2.4.4 / 2.3.18 are bundled. Fedora 27 is now a supported package and Ubuntu 17.04 was dropped as a binary package target.